Changing Expectations

Battery Free

Raising the screen-free child or having a low-tech house can be hard as children age. What do you do when you have a new addition and you want to give them time to build up some of the passion for nature?

Battery Free


Consider the high cost to the enviornment and bank when we choose to give children toys that are designed to be disposed of. 


Increasing children's sensory input from nature will create children that are engaged


There is an expectation of noise when there are children around.  Instead consider sound.


Simple does not mean bad.  There will be plenty of time for your child to plug in later.

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Stages of Imagination


Birth and Infant

With all natural baby toys starting at under $12 - the first year is easy


12 to 18 months

Now that they are moving on their own battery free life is easier not harder


18 to 30 months

Engagement begins to cost more than the battery powered counterparts but still fun & green


Preparing for Preschool

Getting by without batteries is fun, messy and full of learning.

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