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Why Battery Free.

The New England Natural Baby Expo focuses on the early years of life. The day covers a range of topics about pregnancy, newborns, infants, children and family as well as a number of classes dealing with more general topics for mothers, fathers and caregivers. These classes focus on how to care for your growing and changing family. The Natural Baby Expo understands that families come in many sizes and configurations and we strive for more inclusive information for all types of parents.
Make the most of our parenting seminars from local and regional practitioners on a range of vital parenting topics throughout the day. All conference guests will receive a special gift bag filled with items for parents. Registration includes a range of information sessions.
The views and opinions expressed by the presenters are solely those of the original sources who express them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of Pumpkin Vines LLC or our sponsors. Our aim is to provide information and awareness to our visitors. Seminar schedule is subject to change based on registration and interest.

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